An Afternoon to Remember: Jukebox Bands 2024 Showcase at the Kings Arms Theatre

Last Sunday, the historic Kings Arms Theatre came alive with the electrifying sounds of our Jukebox Bands 2024 showcase. The intimate venue, renowned for its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, was the perfect backdrop for an afternoon dedicated to showcasing our versatile show band lineups from our Jukebox range. Our showcase featured a range of 4 to 8-piece configurations, each tailored to provide a unique musical experience for different event needs along with an impressive selection of our standout singers.

Jukebox Vibe: Perfect for Indie Lovers

The showcase kicked off with Jukebox Vibe, our fabulous 4-piece line up featuring one vocalist. This setup is perfect for indie sets or venues with limited performance space.

Jukebox Downtown: More Choices with Keys

Next up was Jukebox Downtown, our 5-piece line up with the addition of a keys player, offering a broader range of song choices.

Jukebox Beat: Dual Vocal Dynamism

The showcase continued with Jukebox Beat, our stellar 6-piece show band featuring two vocalists. If you have a smaller performance space this is the gold standard of our smaller line ups and it’s the band size I chose for my own wedding.

Jukebox Hits: Adding Sax for Extra Flair

As we progressed, the audience was treated to the raw and powerful sounds of Jukebox Hits, our 7-piece band with the addition of a saxophonist. This setup brings an extra layer of sophistication and flair, perfect for those looking to add a that extra something to their entertainment.

Jukebox Gold: The Gold Standard

The final band size was our premium 8-piece band featuring a full two-piece horn section.This lineup is our most popular option and really begins to set everything apart from our smaller line ups.

Missed the Show? Watch It Again!

If you missed out or want to relive the magic, you can watch back the performance here. There will be more opportunities to see our amazing bands in the future. Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates on upcoming events and performances.

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